What do I have to bring or do for my first massage?2016-11-29T00:30:46+00:00

With your confirmation email you should have received a link to our online

waiver, if not please inform the front desk and we will have you fill one out

before your first appointment. Otherwise, just make sure to use the

restroom before your appointment so that you are comfortable during the

entire massage. Thai massage clients do need to wear layered loose


I’ve never had a massage before:  Which one should I buy?  How long?2016-11-29T00:29:50+00:00

We recommend first time clients purchase our 90 Minute Introductory

Massage for the best results. Both our Introductory and Welcome Back

massages are discounted as we typically schedule the initial massage

and follow up massage 1 to 3 weeks from each other depending on the

needs of the client.

If I book a 60 minute massage, how long is the actual appointment?2016-11-29T00:27:58+00:00

Our 60 Minute massage is a FULL 60 minutes. We start the clock when

you are on the table. Most massage facilities charge at the start of the

appointment time which means you get a 45 to 50 minute massage at


How do I know if an Injury / Chronic Pain massage is right for me?2016-11-29T00:27:17+00:00

If you want a massage that is more than just a relaxing “feel good”

massage then you want one of our massages. Injury/ Chronic pain

massage moves past relaxation into healing. So whether you are stiff and

suffer from horrible posture after sitting at your desk all day, or are an

athlete with a pulled hamstring, our services are for you. We will work with

you not only to heal, but also to prevent further injuries and increase


Do you take insurance?2016-11-29T00:26:38+00:00

We do not currently take insurance, although some insurance companies

do reimburse clients. We also do take Personal Injury cases and work

closely with Tarnic Chiropractic in order to better meet our client’s needs.

What should I wear to the massage?2016-11-29T00:26:05+00:00

If you are receiving a Thai Massage please wear layered loose clothing.

Often called “lazy man’s yoga” Thai Massage is a clothed modality.

For all other therapies you can wear whatever you like.

What do I wear during the massage?2016-11-29T00:25:16+00:00

For a therapeutic massage your therapist will recommend you dress

down to your comfort level, so WHATEVER that means for you. We do

recommend however, that if you find dressing down at all to be a very

uncomfortable notion-consider Thai Massage. Thai Massage is a fully

clothed modality, and is similar to assisted stretching. Remaining clothed

for a therapeutic massage will inhibit the work your therapist can do.

For Lomi Lomi we recommend watching a few YouTube videos before

scheduling. Our therapists are highly skilled in Traditional Lomi Lomi and

the draping technique is minimal and consists of a few cloths covering the

genitals and breasts for women. This is to allow for the flow of Lomi Lomi

as a therapist may flow from shoulder to ankle in a single movement.

What do I do during the massage treatment?2016-11-29T00:24:06+00:00

Relax. If you feel like talking then talk. If you prefer that your therapist

does not talk let them know before the session that you prefer silence.

You will not offend our therapists either way. Also, please always speak

up if you feel any discomfort whatsoever. If the pressure is too deep, not

deep enough, or if you preferred the therapist stay away from certain

areas. Our therapists, while talented, cannot read minds, and nothing is

more distressing to a therapist to find that a client was uncomfortable in

any way during the massage. Please, always communicate with your


What’s with the low-cost places like Massage Envy & Elements?2016-11-29T00:22:47+00:00

Low cost facilities are focused on quantity of clients. Typically they pay

their therapists a low wage and an “Hour Massage” ends up being only 45

to 50 minutes. A low pay wage means you never know how skilled of a

massage you will receive, and also that your therapist is often overworked

physically. Our pricing includes a 15 minute buffer in-between each

session so that our therapists not only have a few minutes to recoup, but

also so that you receive a full 60, 90, or 120 minute massage. Every time.

It also means that our therapists are better paid. Our therapists do not

have to physically over extend themselves to make a living, and we

ensure that we have highly skilled therapists.

Should I ever talk or tell the massage therapist anything during the massage?2016-11-29T00:21:44+00:00

Talking during the massage is always up to you. Before the massage

however, please alert your therapist of any injuries, even if they are

already listed on your waiver. Apart from any initial warnings, please also

speak up if you feel any physical discomfort or, feel uncomfortable in any


How will the massage feel?2016-11-29T00:20:59+00:00

A therapeutic massage will feel different from a general Swedish

massage since the goal of each respective massage is different. General

Swedish massages are primarily geared towards relaxation, they are

primarily light pressure, and are usually very gentle. Therapeutic

massages utilize deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and other

modalities geared towards healing. This isn’t to say that a therapeutic

massage will not be relaxing, we still have guests fall asleep on the table

(yes that is ok) during their therapeutic massages.

Will I be sore after the massage?2016-11-29T00:20:16+00:00

Most likely yes, you will feel a little sore after one of our massages. It

varies depending on your tension level, and the pressure requested. We

recommend that all of our clients prepare to take an Epsom salt bath

within 12 hours of their massage and we recommend plenty of water over

the next 24 hours. Make sure to drink your water gradually throughout

they day and not in sporadic large quantities.

Can I go to work after my massage?2016-11-29T00:19:39+00:00

Absolutely. We do recommend utilizing some time to ground yourself

immediately after your massage. If you do need to get somewhere quickly

consuming dark chocolate will help to bring you back to an aware state

after deep relaxation.

OMG! What if I get an erection during a massage?2016-11-29T00:18:48+00:00

Scientifically this is called a “parasympathetic” response, it usually occurs

during periods of deep relaxation or even sleep. It is nothing to be

embarrassed about, or even nervous about. If it should happen to you

during a massage your therapist will most likely change technique slightly

and continue with the massage. Many men become so concerned about

non-sexual erections they avoid massage altogether, which is unfortunate

as it is very common, and not an issue with the therapist at all.

Therapists do have the right however to end a massage if they feel a

client is making sexual advances during their massage or is asking for

inappropriate contact.

Is there any reasons I should NOT get a massage. Cold / Flu / Fever / Skin infection?2016-11-29T00:17:35+00:00

All of the above are reasons NOT to get a massage. Not only can

you infect your therapist and countless other individuals, but a

massage during a sickness can overwhelm your immune system;

causing nausea and an increase in symptoms.

Am I supposed to tip?2016-11-29T00:16:13+00:00

Yes. Almost half of a therapists’ income is through tips, and although

many upscale massage facilities include gratuity automatically, we chose

to leave that to your discretion. The average tip we would recommend

would be 18% to 22% off of our regular pricing. Please be advised that

our Membership Prices, Packaged Deals, Introductory Massages, and

Welcome Back massages are all discounted rates.

Why do I have to put a credit card on file?2016-12-22T00:11:34+00:00

Because we pay our therapists whether you show up to your appointment or not.

What is our cancellation policy?2017-01-25T00:38:05+00:00
  • Clients must provide 12 hours notice to cancel a massage.
  • Clients who do NOT show to an appointment or fail to provide 12 hours notice will be charged a cancellation fee at a rate of $40/hour.  This includes Pre-Paid clients, and is a more affordable option than forfeiting the massage.
  • Cancellation fees are enforced to ensure quality therapist retention.
What are the terms and conditions of the massage membership?2017-01-25T00:37:07+00:00


  • Must be 18 or older to purchase
  • Membership pricing does not include Gratuity
  • Memberships may be shared with two other listed family members, or friends. (most companies only offer one)
  • Membership dues will be charged monthly. Monthly massage credits roll over as long as the membership is active. Once the membership is cancelled the client has 30 days to use any accrued massages, after 30 days any leftover massages will be forfeit.
  • Members enjoy additional discount pricing for any add-on massages within the month.  Add-ons can be scheduled at any time within the month, or, can be added to massage time.
  • Membership term is twelve months; members will be automatically renewed on a month to month basis at the end of their term unless the member provides 30 days written notice requesting non-renewal. To request non- renewal written notice must be emailed to:  twistedtreehealth@gmail.com
  • If a member wishes to cancel their Membership they must submit written notice by email to: twistedtreehealth@gmail.com
  • If a membership is to be canceled before the 12 month contract has expired the client will be charged for two additional months at their current rate on the day of their cancellation.
  • Membership may be transferred in full once; the new member must submit information at least

7 days in advance to the next EFT date in order for transfer to complete.

  • Memberships may be frozen for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 5 months.
  • Memberships may be unfrozen at any time by the member. If the membership reaches the 5 month maximum the membership will automatically unfreeze. Once the account is unfrozen the Massage Term will extend by the amount of time the term was frozen. For example; if the membership was frozen for 3 months then the term will extend by 3 months.
  • A member may not use accrued massages while the membership is frozen.  In order to access accrued massages the member must unfreeze their membership. Once unfrozen a member cannot freeze their membership a second time until 60 days have passed.